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About Rob Liccardo


I did my cooking apprenticeship at the famed Two Faces Restaurant, South Yarra under the Chef Herman Schneider, where we were awarded a Three Hat Age Good Food Guide of Melbourne, as well as many other cooking awards.


From Two Faces, I applied and was accepted to cook at the Three Mitchellin Stars restaurant, The Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire, UK. I was the first Australian Chef to cook with Michel Roux at The Waterside Inn. I worked here for 18 months before returning to Australia.

On my return to Australia, I was the Head Chef of Lynch’s Restaurant, South Yarra. During my three years at Lynch’s, I was awarded the Mitchellin Award for best Entrée in Australia and a Mitchellin Award for cooking excellence-this was the first time an Australian restaurant had received a Mitchellin Award. Vogue Magazine also voted me as one of the top 20 Australian Chefs.

In 1989, I opened Licciardos Restaurant, Mt.Eliza. I am a very casual, relaxed person and I was able to throwaway formal dining, of table clothes, regimented waitering staff and a quiet atmosphere. Licciardos enabled me to deliver a high standard of food in a relaxed dining experience- I was able to cook wearing board shorts. It was so liberating!! I loved it so much that I kept Licciardos for 22 years. In 2012, I opened Licciardos Gallery Bar and Grill and in 2018 I opened Licciardos Railway Bar and Grill. Again I was able to do things my way with great success. Again my loyal customers followed my journey.

Now I would like to share my recipes and cooking including my famous bread rolls!!

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